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Midway Carnival

West Coast Amusements will be back wit' the Midway carnival fer Buccaneer Days!


Fer more information, n' fer pre-sale wristbands ($35), sail over to:

West Coast Amusements at Esquimalt Buccaneer Days

Midway Carnival is Cashless!


The rest o' Bucc Days will still accept doubloons, includin' the marketplace, dance, n' community grub vendors.

New in 2023, the Midway carnival be cashless, even doubloons!


All individual ride tickets, all day wristbands, 'n game tickets are now loaded as credits on wristbands purchased at the ticket kiosks.

The first time ye make a purchase thar be a $3 service charge. Aft that the wristband can be reloaded without the service charge. The same wristband can be saved n' reused/reloaded throughout the weekend.


Fer example, if ye put credits on it on Saturday n' don't use 'em all, they can be used on Sunday - except fer all day ride passes. All day ride passes can be pre-loaded but as soon as they are scanned fer the first ride they are only good fer that day.


Wristband credits can be shared amongst family hands, wit' the exception o' all day ride passes. 

Thar be o'er 20 ticket kiosks available so this shall cut down on line ups 'n thar will also be "Ticket Ambassadors" available t' assist ye.

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